Important Service Update

Dear Loyal Robert Q Airbus Traveller,

After carefully weighing all aspects of the COVID – 19 situation we have concluded that more changes need to be made immediately. We have recognized our many responsibilities in these times. To help in the repatriation of Canadians, to remain responsible for the safety of our staff and passengers, and to ensure Robert Q can return to serve as you have become accustomed.

Today, our responsibility needs to be singularly directed. We need to aid in the protection of all Canadians.

Effective, Midnight March 27th, Robert Q will temporarily cease operation of Robert Q Airbus. Our drastic measures have been implemented in hopes that our small part, will support a quicker recovery for all Canadians.

It is our intention to constantly monitor the direction of our Healthcare professionals and Provincial and Federal government announcements, with the hope of returning our service to you as soon as possible.

We appreciate your understanding, as we all make our way through these complicated and uncertain times. Any bookings that are outside of the March 27th date are entitled to a Refund. Our reservation agents will contact you to clarify our position as it relates to future travel dates in the days to come.

Kindest regards, and stay safe.

Brad Rice
Executive Vice President
105 Wharncliffe Rd.S. London, Ontario N6J 2K2